BOEOTIA, Federal Coinage. Thebes
AE14. 1.71g, 13.6mm

MINTED: BOEOTIA, Federal Coinage, Thebes, circa 300-250 BC
REF: SNG Copenhagen 179
OBVERSE: Boeotian shield.
REVERSE: ΒΟΙΩΤΩΝ (upward on left), ornamented trident head upward, with straight crossbar; dolphin upward on right.

Ex BCD Collection; ex Joseph J. Copeland Collection

Almost Very Fine. Dark black patina with some earthen deposits. A bit off-centre.

Historical Notes:
Thebes in central Greece was one of the most storied and important of Greek cities in antiquity. It led the Boeotian confederacy against Athens and allied itself with the Persians during their second invasion of Greece under King Xerxes I in 480 BC. It continued to be a powerful city-state until its destruction by Alexander the Great in 335 BC. Alexander's death in 323 BC resulted in a major revolt of Greek cities taking advantage of the power struggle that ensued amongst his successors. The rebellion was temporary, however, and Kassander, who declared himself regent of the Macedonian Empire in 317 BC, paid lip service to Greeks by rebuilding Thebes. The Boeotian League was reformed and centered at Thebes, but the region would remain under foreign control in the centuries that followed.

BOEOTIA, Thebes . 300-250 BC . AE14 . Boeotian Shield/Trident *Pedigreed*

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