BITHYNIA, Kingdom of

Prusias II Cynegus (182-149 BC)
AE18. 3.74g, 18.2mm
MINTED: Nicomedia, circa 185-149 BC
REF: SNG Cop 632
OBVERSE: Head of Prusias II right, wearing winged diadem.

REVERSE: BAΣILEΩΣ / ΠPOYΣIOY, Herakles standing left, holding club in right hand, lionskin in left; monogram in lower right field.


Almost Very Fine. Dark black-green patina.


Historical Notes:

Prusias II was the ruler of the Greek kingdom of Bithynia from 182 to 149 BC.  His nickname was Cynegus, or 'the Hunter', because of his love for hunting.  He was defeated in a war against Attalus II of Pergamon and was forced to seek out an alliance with the Roman Republic to try and reduce reparations he had to pay to Pergamon.  He sent his son Nicomedes to Rome to negotiate with the Romans, but instead, Nicomedes deposed the elderly king and had him killed. 

BITHYNIA, Kingdom of . Prusias II Cynegus, 182-149 BC . AE18 . Herakles

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