AD 270-275

AE Antoninianus. 3.13g, 21.1mm

MINTED: Siscia mint, 5th emission, 2nd officina, AD 271-272

REF: RIC 225; C 110

OBVERSE: IMP AVRELIANVS AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right.
REVERSE: IOVI C-ON-SER, Jupiter standing left presenting globe to Aurelian standing right; * S in exergue.


Very Fine.  Classic, sturdy portrait of your quintessential barracks-emperor of Roman Empire during the Crisis of the Third Century.


Historical Notes:
Aurelian was one of the more effective of the soldier emperors of the mid 3rd century. He was a cavalry commander of Illyrian birth under emperor Gallienus, and was promoted to Magister Equitum (or head of the army) under Claudius II. As emperor, Aurelian did much to reverse the fortunes of the empire by re-conquering the secessionist Gallic and Palmyrene empires. For his efforts, he was accorded the title Restitutor Orbis, or Restorer of the World.

AURELIAN . AD 270-275 . Antoninianus . "Emperor and Jupiter"

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