AUGUSTUS, as Octavian

Before 27 BC
AE29. 16.17g, 29.2mm
MINTED: SPAIN, Celsa. L Pompeius Bucco and L. Cornelius Fronto, duoviri. Struck before 27 BC

REF: RPC I 269; Burgos 611
OBVERSE: Head of Octavian right, COL.V.I CELSA before, II VIR behind.

REVERSE: Bull standing right, L POMPE BVCCO above, L CORNE FRONT below; c/m: S in rectancular incuse.



Ex Prof. Dr. J.W. van der Dussen Collection



Almost Fine. A large Spanish provincial with dark brassy surfaces and a few old scratches. Bold bull on the reverse with an incuse "S" countermark, possibly to retariff the coin to the value of a semis.


Historical Notes:

During the time of Augustus, Spain was divided into three provinces - Hispania Baetica in the south, Hispania Lusitania in the west, and Hispania Tarraconesis which occupied much of central, northern and eastern Spain.  Celsa was located in Hispania Tarraconesis (in modern day Zaragoza Province of Spain), and was resettled by discharged Roman veteran soldiers.  It was given the status of a Roman colony in 44 BC and reached its height of wealth during the 1st century AD.  Thereafter, it slowly began to lose its importance to another colony in the province, Caesaraugusta. 

AUGUSTUS . SPAIN, Celsa . AE29 . Bull, countermarked "S"

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