AD 138-161

AR Denarius. 3.05g, 19.2mm
MINTED: Rome mint, AD 147-148
OBVERSE: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P XI, laureate head right.

REVERSE: COS IIII, Salus standing left, holding patera in right hand feeding snake coiled around altar; she holds rudder set on globe in left hand.


Very Fine. Nice old collection toning. A minimally cleaned example, attractive to those of us who like their ancients coins actually looking ancient.


Historical Notes:
Antoninus Pius ruled for 23 years and is counted amongst the 'Five Good Emperors' of Rome during the 2nd century AD.  Even though he was not the first (or even second) choice of his predecessor Hadrian to succeed him, the 52-year old Pius was widely respected by his colleagues in the Senate and as emperor would become very popular with the people.


His reign was a time of peace and prosperity for the empire, and he was himself an intelligent, moderate, and fair-minded ruler.  Pius enacted laws that protected slaves and exercised clemency against those who spoke or plotted against him.  He also avoided heavily taxing the people, and carefully managed the state finances. His death of natural causes in 160 at the age of 75 was cause for great mourning amongst the people.

ANTONINUS PIUS . AD 138-161 . Denarius . Salus, Goddess of Health

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