AE22. 6.15g, 22.2mm
MINTED: AKARNANIA, Oiniadai, 219-211 BC
REF: HGC 4, 899
OBVERSE: Laureate head of Zeus right.

REVERSE: [OINIAΔAN], head of river god Achelous (Acheloos) right.


Ex Joseph J. Copeland Collection


Very Good. Dark blackish green patina. Some roughness. 

The reverse depicts the head of the river god Achelous (or Acheloos).  Achelous was an ancient deity who was believed to have been the source of all water on earth.  He had the horned, bearded face of a man, but the body of a powerful bull. 


Historical Notes:

Because of its strategic position on the banks of the river Achelous, with access to the Ionian Sea, the city of Oiniadai was a desirable possession for both the Akarnanian League as well as the Aitolian League.  Its fortified walls, however, made it a difficult to acquire prize, and even the famed Athenian general Perikles failed to capture it when he led an army against it in 454 BC.  


This series of bronze coins dates to the period when it was taken from the Aitolians by King Philip V of Macedon and restored to the Akarnanians.  Production ended when the city was conquered by the Romans in 211 BC.  Little is known of the history of Oiniadai after this, though it is known that it survived into at least the 1st century AD.  

AKARNANIA, Oiniadai . 219-211 BC . AE22 . Man-faced bull river god Achelous

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