AKARNANIA, Anaktorion
AR Stater. 8.44g, 24mm
MINTED: AKARNANIA, Anaktorian, circa 320-280 BC
REF: Calciati 58; BCD 108; SNG Cop 299
OBVERSE: Pegasos flying left; AN monogram below.

REVERSE: Head of Athena left; API above, ΔΩ and flaming altar at right.


Very Fine. Pleasing medium toning. Large flan with especially well-centered reverse.


Historical Notes:

Anaktorion was one of a number of Corinthian colonies in Akarnania in western Greece that struck silver staters using the same types as its mother-city, with the obverse depicting the legendary Pegasos, and the reverse the helmeted bust of the goddess Athena.  Initially, much of this coinage served to finance Corinth's war against its rivals Corcyra and Athens.  In the late 4th century BC, many these coins were used to help support the war efforts of the Corinthian general Timoleon in Sicily, where he liberated Syracuse from the rule of the Leontinian tyrant Hiketas and his allies the Carthaginians. 

AKARNANIA, Anaktorion . 320-280 BC . AR Stater . 'Colt' of a Corinthian colony

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