AEOLIS, Temnos

Pseudo-autonomous Issue

AE15. 1.91g, 15.2mm
MINTED: AEOLIS, Temnos, circa AD 200
REF: SNG Cop -; Sear -; Asia Minor Coins Online -; cf. BMC 11 for similar rev type (but described there as Apollo; see Imhoof-Blumer, "Zur Münzkunde des Pontos..." (1897), pg. 283 for correct description)
OBVERSE: Cuirassed and helmeted bust of Athena right.

REVERSE: THMN-ITΩN, Aphrodite standing left, holding a mirror whilst dressing her hair.



Almost Very Fine. Green patina with some surface roughness.  

An interesting and extremely rare type, unpublished in any of the standard references. 


Historical Notes:

The town of Temnos was built on an elevated hillside site near the river Hermos, where it looked out over the neighbouring towns of Kyme and Smyrna.  It was heavily damaged by an earthquake during the reign of Tiberius (AD 14-37), and some decades later, Pliny the Elder wrote that it had been completely abandoned.  The town seems to have been later rebuilt and resettled, as attested to by its coinage, issued during the 3rd century AD.  

AEOLIS, Temnos . Circa AD 200 . AE15 . Aphrodite . **Very Rare and Unpublished**

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