AE18. 3.12g, 18.2mm
MINTED: AEOLIS, Aigai, circa 4th-3rd centuries BC
REF: SNG Copenhagen 1
OBVERSE: Laureate head of Apollo right.

REVERSE: [AIΓAE], head of goat right.



Good. Dark green patina. Pitting.


Historical Notes:

Aigai was a city settled by Aeolian colonists in the mountains of western Asia Minor (in present day Turkey).  Somewhat remote, it never gained the prominence of coastal cities such as Kyme, but as such, did serve as a useful temporary refuge for Themistokles, the great Greek general and statesman who had been exiled from Athens and was fleeing east.  During the 3rd century BC, it fell under the sway of first the Attalid kingdom of Pergamon, then the Seleukid kingdom, before returning again to Pergamon.  In 156 BC, the city was razed by Prusias II Cynegus of Bithynia when he warred against Pergamon.  When the war ended, Aigai was rebuilt, and finally, came under Roman rule in 133 BC, when the last Attalid king, Attalus III died heirless and bequeathed his entire kingdom to the Romans. 

AEOLIS, Aigai . Circa 4th-3rd centuries BC . AE18 . Apollo / Goat Head

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